Tuesday 27 Jul 2021

About us

In order to advance the iron and steel industry of Iran and in line with the twenty year plan for economic and social development, Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel Co. established in 2006, which was made possible with cooperation of Iranian mines and mining Industries Development and renovation organization (IMIDRO) and with the share of Ghadir Investment company, Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co. (CMIC) and Iran Alloy Steel Co.

Ghadir DRI plant with annual capacity of  800,000 tons sponge iron with the aim to fulfill the needs of melting and casting units of the Yazd province and other steel producers of the country established.  It is located in an area of 86 hectors, with a distance of 25 kilometers from the city of Ardakan, Yazd Province and beside the Chadormalu Pelletizing Complex and Arfa Iron and Steel Co.

آهن و فولاد غدیر ایرانیان

The entire engineering and basic design of the plant is based on MIDREX Technology.  In addition, latest  technical improvements in process and  design control systems of MIDREX Modules being run in Iran or worldwide has been taken in to consideration.